Masumi "Julia Krystal" Koutsu

Masumi Koutsu

Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Arc-V
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Masumi Koutsu (光津 真澄)
Masumi is the representative for the Leo Institute of Dueling Fusion Summon course. She uses a "Gem-Knight" Deck. Masumi is a direct, straightforward and bold individual, showing little to no hesitation in saying what she believes. Due to her father's job and witnessing and appraising the value of jewels, she is seemingly capable of detecting talent and hesitation within people, as she did with Yuzu at the start of their Duel. Although Masumi shows a penchant for mockery, most of what she states is accurate thus, she does not act out of plain arrogance but on observation. Masumi is also a caring person, valuing her friends and her teachers, and after Professor Marco's disappearance, she became frantic in her attempts to find him. She cares for (and possibly has a crush) on Marco particularly, and doesn't tolerate insults towards him.

Voice Actors
Bielli, Francesca
Stoepel, Julia
Luna, Circe
Kiyoto, Arisa