Sotomichi "The Robot" Nakagauchi

Sotomichi Nakagauchi

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Sotomichi Nakagauchi (中河内 外道)
Age: 18
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Birthday: July 14
Horoscope: Cancer
Eyesight (unaided): 0.05 (both eyes)
Blood type: O

Nakagauchi first appears during the U-17 camp as a member of the 3rd Court. He is first shown along with the rest of his fellow 3rd Court members after they had just defeated the 4th Court easily.

As a member of the 3rd Court he is positioned in Singles 3 against Liliadent Krauser and rudely states his disappointment in Oni deciding to not take part in the Team Shuffle as he wanted to get revenge on Oni. He defeats Liliadent Krauser during the Team Shuffle between the 3rd Court and the 5th Court after a tiresome match that although Nakagauchi dominated, Krauser eventually fought back with his Southern Cross technique which brutalised Nakagauchi.

Nakagauchi while on the court has the tendency to move around like a robot.

(Source: Prince of Tennis Wikia)

Voice Actors
Doujou, Takuto