Kiyomasa Katou

Kiyomasa Katou

Sengoku Musou
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Sengoku Musou: Sengoku Musou High School
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Sengoku Musou: Mononofu-tachi no Sekigahara
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Kiyomasa Katou (加藤 清正)
Kiyomasa is a hot-tempered and rowdy man who greatly admires and is fiercely loyal to Hideyoshi and Nene. Considering Hideyoshi to be his own family, he is very close friends with Masanori and Mitsunari. Out of the trio, Kiyomasa acts as the mature one by looking out for the scatter-brained Masanori and trying to get the hard headed Mitsunari to abandon his cocky attitude. With a relatively sound head on his shoulders, he is adamant about his beliefs and won't bow down to others. Though they share fraternal respect for one another (by respectively calling one another "fool"), he clashes with the equally stubborn Mitsunari prior to Sekigahara.

Although he considers Nene to be his precious mother figure, he is also harbors intimate feelings for her. Kiyomasa is honest with his feelings, yet Nene is either oblivious or purposely ignores his confessions to her. Both Mitsunari and Masanori consider his infatuation a bit disturbing.

He also admires Muneshige's abilities, stating that he is truly the greatest warrior in the west. While he works together with Kanbei after Hideyoshi's passing, he is angered that the strategist carelessly dismisses his former loyalties to the taikou and doesn't see eye-to-eye with him.

(Source: Koei Wikia)

Voice Actors
Sugita, Tomokazu
Greene, Jarrod
Thomsen, Uwe