Masanori Fukushima

Masanori Fukushima

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Masanori Fukushima (福島 正則)
Easily moved by emotions, Masanori is known to cry his eyes out or throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat. Compared to his friends, Masanori is the immature scattered-brain and the comic relief of the trio. Masanori is the loudest of the trio, easily voicing his every honest thought to everything addressed to him. In his mind, Masanori is awesome and popular, beaming with pride of his self-image. He is especially proud for being "stupidly strong." He can't be bothered to sweat over complicated matters and would rather settle all disagreements through brute, unyielding strength. Whoever wins a fight, he believes, has the right to get their way.

Though not one for etiquette or subtlety, Masanori's loyalty to Hideyoshi is just as strong as Mitsunari or Kiyomasa. He fondly calls Hideyoshi "Old Man" and proudly boasts any praise his lord gives him. Masanori extends the same respect to Nene, although he becomes sheepishly timid in front of her, afraid to incur one of her lectures. Both Hideyoshi and Nene believe his light-hearted nature can dispel Mitsunari and Kiyomasa from fighting all of the time.

He treats Kiyomasa with fraternal respect yet regularly seems to be annoyed with Mitsunari, referring to him as "big-headed" for his helmet and for his arrogance. Masanori openly berates Mitsunari, but he will stop to a careening halt if Nene happens to overhear him. Since he isn't as concerned about status as his other "brothers," their flat reactions to his oafish antics is sometimes the only thing Mitsunari and Kiyomasa can agree upon. They bicker and fight all the time, but Masanori doesn't hold a heavy grudge against either one of them. Compared to the other two, Masanori seems trapped in the happier times of their childhood. He is the one who frequently mentions or mocks his friends for their embarrassing moments as children. Masanori also calls Mitsunari by his childhood name in his excitement.

Sakon fondly addresses him, Kiyomasa and Mitsunari as the "three idiots," jokingly naming Masanori the dumbest of the group.

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