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Eiko Sakagami (坂上 栄子)

Eiko is a supporting character in PriPara. She can sometimes be seen in the crowd during Laala and Mirei's performances. Her candy hair barrette, pop clothes, and perky attitude hints that her brand may be Candy Alamode. She has short, slightly curled red hair that goes down to her shoulders and dark green eyes. She also wears a yellow candy hairpin. Like Sophie Hojo, her appearance in PriPara is not different to her normal looks. Her school uniform consists of a pale blue shirt with a white collar, blue bow, and white skirt. When she plays tennis, her hair is up, and she wears an orange skirt and white top. She gets easily attached to people, thus she makes friends easily, for she pledged herself to be Laala's number one fan after just two appearances on stage. She also gets discouraged easily.

She plays tennis.

She is the third red-head in the Pretty Rhythm/PriPara franchise, following Aira Harune and Bell Renjouji.

She is the first idol/character in PriPara that doesn't go to school at Paprika Private Academy.

(Source: Pri Para Wiki)

Voice Actors
Bridcutt, Sarah Emi