Gloria "Sugar" Ookanda

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Gloria Ookanda (大神田 グロリア)

Gloria Ookanda is the headmistress of Paprika Private Academy. She forbids the elementary students from becoming an idol at PriPara. Gloria has long pale grey hair that is curled into a big side ponytail and golden eyes. So far she has only been seen wearing a purple dress with gold and white simple touches to the dress. She is very strict. In the first episode, she was seen to be taking away the PriTickets from the elementary school students by using a vacuum and sniffing out every single one of them, even the girl who left hers at home. However, she is quite gullible. She also has a good sense of smell and is very persistent.

She is the second person to visibly wear makeup, the first being Ito from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.

Her vacuum's name is Rina.

According to Eiko, she is known by students of other schools to be very scary.

For some unknown reason, she can't step within 100 meters from a PriPara entrance.

Her curled-side ponytail is a combination of the shape of Juné's hairstyle in Rainbow live and Kei's hair style in Aurora Dream.

Gloria has the mysterious ability to smell out PriTickets.

She is a regular customer to Papa's Pasta.

(Source: Pri Para Wiki)

Voice Actors
Takano, Urara