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Nao Ehime (愛媛 なお)

Nao is Laala Manaka's best friend at Paprika Private Academy. She has long brown hair that reaches down to her mid-back. Her hair is held back with a white headband with yellow flowers. She has hazel colored eyes. Nao is easygoing, friendly and caring. She has known about Idols and her dream is to become an idol. Nao is first shown and the easygoing best friend of Laala with much knowledge of idols. Unlike Laala, she desires to be an idol one day. She surprises Laala by showing her the PriTicket she just received. She hid her PriTicket in a pocket she made in the back of her collar but Headmistress Gloria was still able to take it away.

Nao was one of the girls who had her PriTicket snatched away by Headmistress Gloria Ookanada in Episode 1.

Nao still doesn't know about Laala being an idol, even though she told Laala about her PriTicket.

Voice Actors
Nanjou, Yoshino