Kiyoko "No. 25"


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Kiyoko (キヨコ)
Kiyoko, designated #25, is the only girl among the Espers. She has green wrinkled skin and long white hair styled into braids, and wears a pink nightgown; in the flashback in the anime, Kiyoko has healthy skin and light brown hair, and is wearing a pink dress. She is bedridden because of her physical fraility, possibly a result of the experiments and/or drugs, and is always seen in bed. It was she who predicted the fall of Neo-Tokyo, and Tetsuo's involvement with Akira.

Kiyoko was likely an orphan when she was acquired along with a group of young children by the government of the original Tokyo. At the time, the Japanese government was spearheading a secret project, supervised by Colonel Shikishima, to develop psychic powers, possibly for militaristic and political purposes. This was where Kiyoko met and befriended Takashi, Masaru, and Akira.

The project ended when Akira grew too powerful and transcended to a higher plane, leaving behind a psychic explosion that obliterated Tokyo. The survivors of this tragedy established Neo-Tokyo, while Kiyoko, Masaru, and Takashi, later referred to as the "Espers," were kept in prolonged isolation to prevent information about the clandestine project from being let out into the public masses. The trio of children were constantly fed drugs to keep them from growing powerful as Akira, leading to premature aging while still young and developing physical handicaps; in Kiyoko's case, she eventually became so weak that she had to remain in bed, kept alive by life support.

Kiyoko has a kind and gentle personality and cares for Takashi and Masaru like a mother would, and often is concerned for their wellbeing. She is the leader of the Espers when it comes to making final decisions, and due to her abilities is very wise and perceptive, which is why her friends and even the Colonel look to her for advice on future actions. She feels that every person has a destiny, and so feels responsible in ensuring their fulfillment.

Voice Actors
Fox, Sandy
Bulara, Fernanda
Brückner, Sarah
Harte, Melora
Talmács, Márta
Garcia, Melissa
Itou, Fukue
Polesinanti, Graziella
Ribó González, Paula