Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
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Salia (サリア)
Salia is the Department Chief (the NCO or platoon sergeant of Angelise's unit). After Zola is killed, she is promoted to the rank of Captain, but seems to have trouble dealing with unexpected situations on the battlefield. According to Vivian, she is known to read romance novels with mature content. She resents Ange for disobeying her orders and attacks the DRAGONs alone but is convinced to think otherwise after Mei tells her that she believes Ange does so in order to keep others from being killed. Mei's claim is supported by the fact that upon checking her captain's log, Salia noticed that ever since Ange joined the unit, (and after Coco, Miranda, and Zola's deaths) there have been no casualties during their previous missions.

It is revealed that during her free time, Salia would rent a changing room from Jasmine where she would cosplay as a magical girl based on a book she reads, as a way of venting and relieving her stress. Her secret is discovered by Ange who inadvertently enters the changing room she was using. Salia, greatly embarrassed, later attempts to kill Ange but is unsuccessful. So far Ange is the only one who knows about Salia's secret hobby. Salia greatly admires Jill, who was called Alektra in the past, since she was a child. Upon witnessing a severely wounded Alektra return in defeat during a rebellion, the young Salia vows to exact revenge. Jill initially vows to give her the "Villkiss" up until Ange's arrival, and Salia becomes dismayed. Despite Jill's objections, she pilots the Villkiss and after realizing that Ange is meant to pilot the Villkiss, is detained for insubordination.

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