Dr. Von Reichter

Dr. Von Reichter

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Dr. Von Reichter
Dr. Von Reichter, a member of the SS and the Nazi party, is an expert in genetic enginerring. He initially began his work in concentration camps during World War II, implanting cybernatic organs in the bodies of dead prisoners in an attempt to bring them back to life to serve in the Fuhrer's army. However the Allied forces intervened to defeat the Nazis, so he fled to South America where he once again continued his sinister experiments.

Cruel, twisted, and vile. The doctor dreams of replacing all of humanity with creatures created by him who would all hail him as the leader. Only two things stand between him and world domination: Cybersix and Data 7. He and José serve as the main antagonists of the series.

Voice Actors
Klassen, Terry
Hozumi, Takanobu