Prince Miura

Prince Miura

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Prince Miura (プリンス・ミウラ)
A mysterious prince candidate who is locked up in a room for unknown reasons, and got transferred to the Jewel Palace after Cayenne left. Though how he got locked up in the first place is due to his misbehavior, his overall identity is shrouded in mystery even to the Petit Ladies. He is very calm yet sharp witted and likes to provoke people. He comes on to Momona a lot, though his motives is not clear to her. It's later revealed that the reason why he's confined in the first place is due that even though he scored high in the exams, he did something wrong and forced him to be locked away. Lillian starts to fall in love with him, causing Luea to worry.

Despite being very intimidating, he is rather nice and sometimes keeps secrets surrounding both Momona and Lillian. He is seen with his red Jewelpad which has an artificial intelligence system called Iota installed in it, in which he tells Miura about the relationship of each Petit Ladies and plans in order to achieve his goal on becoming King.

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