Matasaka "Orca, Shachi" Kamishiro

Matasaka Kamishiro

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Matasaka Kamishiro (神代 叉栄 / 鯱)
Matasaka Kamishiro is a SS-rank ghoul and the former leader of the ghouls in the 6th ward. Most people refer to him by his nickname Orca or Shachi. He is a strong ghoul, well-versed in the martial arts. When he was the leader of the ghouls in the 6th ward, he trained and strengthened his followers. However, he was captured and sent to the Ghoul Detention Center. After he was freed during Aogiri Tree's attack, he decided to join the organization.

Voice Actors
Yanada, Kiyoyuki
Chandler, Andrew
Brieger, Sven
Lechiguero, César

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