Kouta Asano

Kouta Asano

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Kouta Asano (浅野 浩太)
Kouta Asano is the president of the school's First Newspaper Club and rivals with Ayaka Nikaido of the opposing Second Newspaper Club.

Kouta possesses immense pride (despite his general ineptitude and many other characters' dislike for him) and this clearly shows in his pretentious personality and sarcastic manner of speech.

He is always trying to one-up the Second Newspaper Club, partially because he hopes that doing so will allow him to win over Ayaka romantically, despite every indication that this is no more than a fantasy.

Kouta is also a voyeur, and often takes photographs of girls from revealing angles and even comes up with the occasional ambitious scheme in his never-ending pursuit of satisfaction, much to the despair of the girls around him.

Voice Actors
Morikubo, Shoutarou