Yuuma Kousaka

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Yuuma Kousaka (コウサカ ユウマ)

Yuuma is a calm and serious person. Yuuma is known for his exceptional skills in Gunpla building and Gunpla battling (especially in sniping). As a child, he and Fumina promised to enter the World Tournament together. However after a brutal defeat, Yuuma was traumatized and as a result began to see Gunpla Battle as a pointless sport. So he decided to quit and take up Artistic Gunpla instead. But as Sekai commented, he still desired for Gunpla Battles, and to fulfill his childhood promise.

GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster (Flashback)
LGZ-91 Lightning Gundam
LGZ-91Fb Lightning Gundam Full Burnern
MSZ-006LGT Lightning Zeta Gundam

Voice Actors
Uchida, Yuuma