Rhianna "Master" Alkanet

Rhianna Alkanet


Majo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane
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Rhianna Alkanet (リアナ・アルカネツト)
Age: 10

A girl who moved next-door to Noriko's house. She is a self-proclaimed witch who is head-over-heels for Noriko. She had been awakened to masochistic tendencies due to Noriko, and had repeatedly made attempts to make her angry. She is very possessive of Noriko and gets jealous easily, being hostile even to her friends.

She is a fifth grader and is a classmate of Mikan who she initially antagonized. In school, she is shown to be extremely shy and clings to Mikan a lot, later becoming best friends with her.

It is hinted that Rhianna is not a normal human. Some of the perplexing things that surrounded her includes her magic book written in an indecipherable language, a tag that made an immovable mailbox vanish, a capsule that made her fluent in Japanese, and the tricks she performed that Noriko wasn't able to comprehend.

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