Komari Kishigami

Komari Kishigami

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Komari Kishigami (岸神 小鞠)
Kishigami has somewhat long blue hair with pink streaks in it, which he keeps held back with a thick headband. He generally has narrow eyes that tend to become wide and manic when he's excited.

Kishigami generally appears calm, but he becomes extremely excited when he encounters what he considers "good muscle." Since he is known for giving massages and can apparently judge the quality of muscle just by touching it, Kishigami seems to be skilled with his hands.

Kishigami is originally introduced as a new member of Kyofushi who specializes in massaging. However, it is clear from Midousuji's attitude that there is more to Kishigami than meets the eye. This is confirmed when the two of them go to scout out the new Sohoku during their training camp. Kishigami meets Onoda there and is initially unimpressed by him, but is shocked upon feeling his muscles. Before he can touch Onoda again to confirm what he felt, Koga appears and chases him off. Later, Kishigami replaces Hironishi as Kyoto Fushimi's 6th Inter High competitor.

(Source: Yowamushi Pedal Wiki)

Voice Actors
Fukuyama, Jun