Sadami Natsuiri

Sadami Natsuiri

M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane
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Sadami Natsuiri (夏入 サダミ)
A very eccentric scientist from IX corporation in charge of the creation of the MA-Vess and the LIM system. He is very interested in finding out the truth about the Lightless Realm and doesn't hesitate about suggesting one of the pilots should become a LIM once their bodies become Necrometal. It is revealed that he once worked with Mimei, Minashi's older sister. His desire of pursuing more Linkers in his experiments to link people's thoughts led him to Yomijima. He made used of the inhabitants as test subjects and drove them to suicide. Mamei realised this and tried to leave, but ends up being captured by Natsuiri and became the first subject for his LIM project.

He later on becomes a victim of his own obsession whereby he becomes a necrometal upon his return to Yomijima to confront the members of team Gargouille who went to the island to find to truth behind the lightness realm.

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Voice Actors
Tobita, Nobuo