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Usagi (ウサギ)

Usagi is a mascot character in PriPara. He manages Shion's, Dorothy's, and Leona's PriPara team—Dressing Pafé. He previously managed Sophie Hojo.

Usagi is somewhat easygoing—and during his time as her manager—seemed to be very proud of Sophie; when really he was just using her in order to fulfill his goal of becoming the top manager. He is also very judgmental, and extremely boastful—he rubbed it in other managers' faces that Sophie was better than most of their idols. Because of his huge ego, he didn't want anyone else to find out about Sophie's 'Fancy Mode,' as he believed it would ruin his career.

Later, he hired Dressing Pafé, and consequently became very boastful of them since they made an amazing debut.

Usagi tends to add "~usa" to the end of his sentences.

Voice Actors
Terashima, Takuma