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Noise Baskerville

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Noise Baskerville (ズェイ )
Birthday: June 25th
Age: 13-15 (physically), 100+ (actually)
Height: 169 cm
Blood type: AB

Noise is a current member of the Baskerville Clan, who has an Illegal Contract with the Chain, Duldee. Noise is a name that was given to her by a young Vincent Nightray during their second interaction, as Noise's memories of who she is were lost as an effect of her Contract. Initially, Noise could never control Duldee, and she eventually began losing her sanity; thus prompting Duldee to create a split personality within Noise named Duldum. Duldum was meant to act as an extension of Duldee's power that would help prevent Noise from losing her heart and soul, with Noise providing Duldum with the name Echo in the process. Thanks to the presence of both Noise and Echo within the same body, Noise's fellow Baskervilles took to calling Noise by the alias "Zwei", meaning "Two". Currently, Noise has taken to her own regime and is pursuing Oz with a murderous intent, while also attempting to dispose of anything that she considers to act as a threat to her relationship with Vincent Nightray.

Originally, Noise was very vulnerable, helpless and impressionable, but most importantly Noise was weak in the eyes of most of the Baskervilles. This was because Noise was too burdened by Duldee's presence in her body, leading her fragile mental state to crack more and more. This also allowed Duldee to push Noise aside and possess her body completely; going off on violent rampages during these periods of possession. As Chains aren't meant to possess their Contractor's, even more damage was inflicted on Noise that made her a ticking time-bomb. However, when Duldee placed a version of Duldum in Noise to save her from her impending destruction, Noise was saved, as Duldee could now still control Noise through Duldum, but without the threat of destroying her altogether. Having returned to her original self, Noise often cried and felt sorry for herself because she had to be isolated from the world for everyone else's safety (making her think that everyone hated her). Furthermore, Noise was upset by her fractured soul, which meant that she couldn't remember anything about her past. Noise changed after meeting Vincent, who helped give her a new name and identity through his kind words and understanding of her situation. Noise believed Vincent to be her only true friend, and developed a loyal and loving attachment to him that was borderline obsessive.

As Noise fell into the Abyss alongside most of Sablier during the Tragedy, it was close to 100 years before she escaped. Unexpectedly though, something happened to Noise during this time that changed her completely. Now, rather than being quiet and reserved, Noise is loud, outspoken and bloodthirsty; which is possibly because of Duldee. Often times when Noise is in battle she'll treat the confrontation like a puppet show because since she can control people through Duldee and Duldum, making Noise somewhat reminiscent of a child. To further prove this, Noise tends to want to go off on her own and make reckless decisions; whining whenever she doesn't get her way and occasionally disobeying her orders so that she can rush into battle to satisfy her own wants and needs without considering the repercussions of her action.

(Source: Pandora Hearts Wiki)

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