Aria "Sanbikime" Varei

Aria Varei


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Aria Varei (アリア・ヴァレイ)
Aria Varei, also known as "Sanbikime (三匹目)" is the most mysterious and least aggressive among all "Original Three". It is gender-less, does not have a human form, and does not have a particular personality. It's physical form is a jade cocoon.

When Aria Varei finds a host, it would not turn the host into Mushitsuki, instead it would look for a person in close relation with the host who has a strong desire or wish, and turn that person into Mushitsuki. After that, Aria Varei will leave the host, cause the host to lost all his or her memories about the person turned into Mushitsuki, and about Aria Varei itself. Aria Varei would return to its cocoon state and wait for the next person to have contact with it.

Aria Varei communicates with its host in the host's mind by using the voices, tones and personality of the host. But Aria Varei remains an independent will of mind.

Aria Varei rarely consumes people's dreams, that is why the "Assimilation Type" of Mushitsuki is very rare. There are only 4 confirmed so far: Daisuke, Mari, Ubuki and
It's current whereabouts are unknown, Chami and her company is searching for it.

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