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Akatsuki Ogata (緒方 有夏月)
A good friend of Senri Haji - Keigo Haji's younger sister. His bug is a mayfly that can transfer heat into energy beams and uses it to attack targets. He can force his bug to transform to sub-mature state and greatly increase the amount, power of range of the heat beams.

He used to be the south branch leader of "Mushibane" who infiltrate into SEPB as a combat squad member, but betrayed the leaderless Mushibane when they blindly decided to target Senri, and swore to protect Senri at all costs. He has a hostile attitude toward Daisuke because he believed that Daisuke is responsible for Rina's death.

After the incident in Vol.2 of the novel, he joined the East Central SEPB under Touko's command, in order to kill Daisuke one day. Inuko comment on him that he is "merely an avenger, not worthy the name of a warrior."

He is also the main protagonist for Vol.6 of the novel. After the incident, his attitude toward Daisuke was changed.

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