Yong-bi Kim

Yong-bi Kim

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Yong-bi Kim (金 竜飛)
OPBF bantamweight champion. Former Leutenant of Korean Army. Became pro at 33 years.

He has a strict diet for more then 20 years, consisting of three biscuits, a soft boiled egg and some fresh fruits in the morning. He might occasionally get a cup of lemon tea in the afternoon. But after that he wont eat anything more until he gets his three biscuits again the next morning. He stated that his stomach is about as big as 5-6 year old.

Kim is still traumitized about the korean war which he experienced at the age of 5. He commited his first murder when he was 5 trying to get some food from a wounded soldier, but unknowingly the soldier that he killed was his own father. The soldiers who found out about it, pitied the child and let him join the army. After that incident he never ate until he was full, and lost the instict to eat. After the war Kim also snaps at the sight of blood. After every boxing match he washes his hands for longer than a hour. He does this to wash away the blood on his hands which only he sees.

His boxing style is cold and very prudent unlike Joe.

Voice Actors
Wakamoto, Norio