Mother of Akane

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Mother of Akane (アカネの母)
Akane and her parents were shot dead as foxes by a human hunter in the past. In Episode 10 of "Tenshi no Shippo Chu!" Akane's mother returned to earth as a vengeful spirit. She has hatred for humans. For her, they are "intolerable" and because of this, she wants to become a nine-tailed fox, hoping to drop humans into a pit of fear. She tried to convince her daughter Akane to leave the humans' world with her and help her become a nine-tailed fox, but her daughter refused. Akane told her mother that not all humans are bad, especially her master Goro. Realizing that Akane loves Goro very much, the mother allowed her daughter to stay on earth. In the end, Akane's mother left the humans' world alone. Before leaving the earth, she told Akane that she will restore her hunting instincts if something makes her daughter cry. She also promised that she will come back again to earth.

Voice Actors
Asano, Mayumi