Maurizio "Mauricio" Martini

Maurizio Martini

Romeo no Aoi Sora
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Maurizio Martini (マウリッツィオ・マルティーニ)
Maurizio is the husband of Grazela. He is also the younger brother of Viscount Vittorio Martini and uncle of the siblings Alfredo and Bianca. Maurizio and Grazela extremely envy the viscount. They coveted all the wealth of Viscount Vittorio, especially the Martini medal. Their deep enviousness led them to burn the Martini mansion in Piedmont. Viscount Vittorio and his wife Viscountess Patrizia were killed during the incident. Alfredo and Bianca managed to escape from their burning mansion with the Martini medal. The evil couple hunted the siblings for the medal. They even put on Alfredo and Bianca's heads the blame for the tragedy in the Martini mansion.

After Alfredo sold himself to work in Milan, Maurizio and Grazela captured Bianca. Knowing that Alfredo was in Milan and the Martini medal was with him, they made Bianca a hostage to forcefully get the medal from him. Romeo and the majority of the Black Brothers then saved Bianca from the evil couple. Bianca was later reunited with her brother Alfredo. Maurizio and Grazela failed to get the Martini medal from Alfredo, but they still did not give up on their evil plans.

Before the couple went to a banquet that was attended by the King of Italy, Maurizio hired a man to create a replica of the Martini medal. The fake medal was finished and Maurizio wore it on the day of the banquet, hoping he and his wife will not get caught as impostors. Upon learning about the presence of Alfredo and Bianca in the banquet, Maurizio and his bodyguards tried to eliminate the siblings, but with the help of the Black Brothers, Wolf Pack, and Countess Isabella Montovani, the siblings were saved. Accompanied by Countess Montovani, Alfredo and Bianca met with the King of Italy and faced off with their evil relatives. While they were all in front of the king, Alfredo told the king that Maurizio's medal is a fake and that the one he holds is real. To see who is the "low-down skunk up to his neck in lies," the King of Italy examined the two Martini medals. Later, the king found out that Maurizio's medal is truly fake because there is no "mark of benediction" in its back and that Alfredo's medal is the one with a "mark of benediction." The evil couple were caught as impostors and were thrown out of the banquet. In the end, Maurizio and Grazela did not get all that they wanted. Alfredo and Bianca victoriously cleared their tarnished names and reclaimed their inheritance.

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Nakata, Kazuhiro