Qing "Go Kei" Wu

Qing Wu

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Qing Wu (呉慶)
Go Kei is a Great General and one of the seven remaining Fire Dragons from the state of Wei whom fought against an invading Qin force led by Duke Hyou on the Dakan Plains in the Western part of Wei. He is known for being a strategic general for his use of methodical tactics which have led him to many victories and made him a great asset to the Wei king. His genius in warfare is known as far as Qin, making his a name to fear. Known as Shinryoukun's bastion of knowledge, his military knowledge is the greatest in all of Wei. His son, Go Hou Mei, followed after him as a general in Wei.
As a child, his home was destroyed some 30 years ago by the Zhao forces who killed his parents and conquered his kingdom in the small state of Jia. He is the royal survivor of a fallen kingdom. By changing his name and painting his face, he entered Wei and served under Shinryoukun, a royal member of the state.

Strength 89
Leadership 92
Knowledge 97
Willpower - 100

(Source: Kingdom Wikia)

Voice Actors
Akagi, Susumu