Kurumi Kimihoshi

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Kurumi Kimihoshi (公星くるみ)
Kurumi Kimihoshi is Goro's old friend. She also was Goro's first love and rejected proposed bride (Kimihoshi is still hoping to be married to Goro someday though.). The original owner of Kurumi the Hamster (Hamster no Kurumi), she first named her former pet "Morilin." When the time for Morilin to be adopted came, Kimihoshi gave her to Goro. By the request of Goro, Kimihoshi changed the hamster's name from "Morilin" to "Kurumi." Kurumi the Hamster's present physical appearance is modeled after Kimihoshi (NOTE: Each of the twelve guardian angels' physical appearance is based on the memory of a female that Goro and each of them share.).

Voice Actors
Fox, Sandy
Nigo, Mayako