Ao "Mou Gou, Hakurou" Meng

Ao Meng

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Ao Meng (蒙驁)

A Great General of Qin, "Hakurou" Mou Gou was the father of Great General Mou Bu and grandfather of Mou Ki and Mou Ten.
He and his son originated from the State of Qi. During his career in the Qi military, he would find himself pitied against the Zhao Renpa in combat, from squad leader to 1000-man commander. But because he never won a fight against Renpa, he emigrated to the State of Qin were he and his son would both have successful military careers.
Mou Gou was considered a mediocre general who fought by the book, as he always won against opponents who were weaker than him. This was shown clearly as he always took his time to conduct sieges on enemy cities. To compensate for his mediocre skills as a tactician and strategist, he possessed a good eye for potential, as he recruited Kan Ki and Ou Sen as his Vice Generals.

His usual battle plan was to split his forces into three separate armies, that would invade any region at the same pace. His grandson called him the "Famous Sieger of Cities", who patiently surrounded a city and pressured it with attacks to whittle down enemy morale until an opening appeared to strike. His army's battle style had always been a test of endurance.

Mou Gou wielded a glaive in battle and was strong enough to push back Ren Pa in combat.

Strength 89
Leadership 90
Knowledge 91
Who?: Mediocre General Foh

(Source: Kingdom Wikia)

Voice Actors
Itou, Kazuaki
Pasquier, Laurent