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Shinta Seko

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Shinta Seko
Shinta Seko is the new recruit and non-seated officer in the 3rd Division who alerts his superiors to a presence of Hollows during the Kasumiōji Conspiracy.

He is a young, male Shinigami who has long black hair, worn in a messy fashion to expose his ears and leave a portion of his bangs in the middle of his face. He has large brown eyes and wears the standard Shinigami uniform.

As a new recruit and a non-seated officer, he is unskilled in Shinigami arts. He couldn't use Shunpo to slow down his falling like Kira and Kibune did, and as a result he had to be saved by Kira. He fainted shortly afterwards.

(Source: Bleach Wikia)

Voice Actors
Sakaguchi, Daisuke
Firmo, Rodrigo