Gerd Frentzen

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Gerd Frentzen (ゲルト)
Gerd Frentzen began the series as the undefeated racing champion. However, as a result of an attack by an Amalgram, Gerd is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. After being given drugs by a mysterious doctor, Gerd regains the ability to walk. He also gains the ability to transform into a Amalgram himself.

He is viewed as a hero, after helping XAT in a fight against an Amalgram. However, this all changes when he attacks his ex-girlfriend, Jill Hoffman. Jill claims that Gerd had no reason to attack her, and that he had merely lost control of himself. In truth, she had been having an affair with his boss, and was using Gerd.

Only two people did not believe Jill's claims, and continued to support Gerd after this event—Hermann and Malek. Unfortunately, continually being pursued by XAT caused Gerd to lose his sanity.

Voice Actors
Sabat, Christopher
Ishizuka, Unshou

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