Elliot Baldwin Woodman

Elliot Baldwin Woodman

Date A Live II
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Date A Live
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Elliot Baldwin Woodman (エリオット・ボールドウィン・ウッドマン)
Gender: Male
Age: +50
Appearances: Volume 5, 8
Mention: Volume 9

<Ratatoksr Machinery>'s founder and Kotori's benefactor. It is revealed in the novel that Woodman, while he was having a unconventional method for communication and conversation, he once worked along side with the current DEM managing director Wescott; however due to some reasons or incidents 30 year ago (that yet to be stated by the novel) that may be relate with Spirits, Woodman left Wescott's side.

Voice Actors
Nakata, Jouji
Blaylock, Ed