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Kunoichi (くのいち)
A playful free thinker, Kunoichi does what she wants and does it how she pleases. In spite of her profession, she doesn't care much for traditions or duty and is rather mischievous. She ignores most of the "mysterious" ninja catchphrases in fiction and talks in a modern and more frank manner. Kunoichi also adds nonsensical words, such as "Nyaha~" or "Ururu," at the end or beginning of her sentences. She is very prideful of her ninja training and doesn't want to lose to anyone in speed or fighting.

Her relationship with Yukimura can be interpreted as either a one-sided infatuation or a normal work relationship. She wonders if she isn't needed when she sees her master being more lively with his allies than with her.

(Source: Koei Wikia)

Voice Actors
Nagashima, Yuuko
Davenport, Skyler