Lily C. Sherbet

Lily C. Sherbet

Galaxy Angel Rune
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Galaxy Angel 3rd
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Lily C. Sherbet (リリィ・C・シャーベット)
Lily Caramel Sherbet was the original leader of the Rune Angel Troupe, sporting dark blue hair. She is from a clan of female warriors and was the former leader of the Rune Angel Troupe, but she left on a mission and did not return until the present. At first glance, she appears to be dressed like a young knight. Not surprisingly, she is also quite a skilled swordswoman, and is rarely, if ever, seen without a rapier in hand. Despite this outward appearance, she has quite a diligent personality, sometimes lending money to the other Angels. She is currently working under Forte Stollen and Chitose Karasuma in the Imperial Training academy. In many ways, she is the antithesis to the Moon Angel Troupe's Forte Stollen, with whom she shares a teacher-student relationship. She is known for her tendency to express approval with "OK-da" and disapproval with "NG-da" (NG standing for No Good). Her running gag has her unexpectedly bursting into tears.

Her personal color is dark blue. In battle, she pilots the new Emblem Frame Eagle Gazer, a slow sniper that attacks with Extreme Lancer.

Voice Actors
Nakayama, Erina