Akihiko "Bobby" Nomura

Akihiko Nomura

Bobby ni Kubittake
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Akihiko Nomura (野村昭彦 (ボビー))
Bobby really does little else but work on his bike. He cleans his bike. He tunes up his bike. He rides his bike. One would call him a motorcycle otaku. His most recent achievement seems to have been getting photos of himself on a road trip printed in a motorcyclist hobby magazine. This leads to an unexpected result: a girl his age, who picked up that issue on a whim, decides to write him a letter. A long, rambling letter, but dreamily romantic just the same. Bobby admits to his sister that he's never gotten a letter from a girl before. He writes back, "I got your letter. I'm happy cause it was from a girl."

(Source: ANN)

Voice Actors
Nomura, Hironobu