Cosette Michelle

Cosette Michelle

Ie Naki Ko Remy
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Cosette Michelle
Cosette is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Michelle. She and her family lives in Lyon. Born into a family of traveling street entertainers, Cosette performs with her parents as the Michelle troupe. Her talents are dancing, singing and playing the tambourine.

Cosette used to hate her life as a traveling street entertainer. It came to the point that she did not want to perform with her parents (NOTE: This happened while the Michelle troupe was in Paris.). Her performance is the highlight of her troupe's show. Because of her refusal to perform, Mr. and Mrs. Michelle could not get enough audience. It was during this time that Cosette met Remi, who helped the Michelle troupe to get enough audience for their show. Cosette was mean to Remi at first, but later the two girls became good friends. Mrs. Michelle later celebrated her birthday in Paris. During this occasion, Cosette gave her mother a simple, but precious gift: a handkerchief with her mother's initials, which was stitched by herself and Remi. She also apologized for her selfishness. Because of her friendship with Remi, Cosette became cheerful and more appreciative of her life. She wanted to be with Remi forever. Cosette asked Remi to go with her and leave Gaspard. Not wanting to leave her homeless friends behind, Remi refused to go. Cosette soon bid Remi goodbye and returned to Lyon with her parents.

Voice Actors
Hiramatsu, Akiko
Karpoff, Alessandra