Tokusa "Toxsa Dalton" Kameyama

Tokusa Kameyama

Tenkai Knights
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Tokusa Kameyama (亀山トクサ)
Though Toxsa's a year younger than his teammates, he is at least as smart as them and thus in the same grade. He is something of a tech geek. He enjoys playing video games and tinkering with digital equipment when not helping out at his family's diner. He is quirky, short-tempered and is more comfortable with computers than with people.

He can transform into Valorn. He describes himself as "Tenkai Strength", and also claimed to be the physically strongest of the Knights. As Valorn, he is armed with a spear that can fire green energy charges or a green energy beam from the end as well as a shield. He is the fourth and last to unlock Titan mode, enlarging to twice his normal size and gaining a sword like polearm that can split open to release large energy blasts.

Voice Actors
Diskin, Benjamin
Pozzi, Stefano
Mizuma, Maki
Reinbold, Marco

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