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Lady Mizuki (レディ・みずき)
Mizuki is a Queen Candidate for Jewelland. She is the human partner of Garnet. She has short, tousled blond hair clipped back with an aqua hairclip and beautiful aqua eyes. Casually, she is seen wearing a loosely buttoned white dress shirt with a design of a blue vine/plant on it, with also blue pants, and blue sandals with daisies on the sides. She also has a matching bracelet that has a blue band and a white daisy that is worn on her left arm. When in her Lady Form, she keeps her same hairstyle. She wears a formal blue dress.

Mizuki is a "Tomboy". Though she is training to be a lady, Mizuki dislikes girlish/cute things which is why she fails at every task, and often hides behind her spunky personality. Amongst the threesome, which also consists of Momona,Charon and Mizuki is the most sharp witted member. She has seen to be afraid of bugs. Mizuki also has a crush on Soarer.

Mizuki became a lady because of an experience that happened when she was little. When she was little, she got lost in a forest, and a mysterious lady in a mask picked her up and took her back. To this day, she wants to be a lady like the one who saved her, but that changed as she grew older. In the series, it is hinted that the lady who saved Mizuki is Lady Boot.

(Source: Jewelpet Wikia)

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