Mr. Michelle

Mr. Michelle

Ie Naki Ko Remy
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Mr. Michelle
Mr. Michelle is a traveling street entertainer. He performs with his wife Mrs. Michelle and daughter Cosette as the Michelle troupe. The Michelle family lives in Lyon. Like Vitalis, Mr. Michelle is also good in playing the violin.

The Michelle troupe met Remi while in Paris. During this time, Mr. and Mrs. Michelle had a problem with their only daughter, Cosette, who became fed up of being a traveling performer. Their daughter's dance is the highlight of their troupe's show and because Cosette did not want to perform, the couple could not get enough audience. Remi, together with Capi and Joli-Coeur, voluntarily helped Mr. and Mrs. Michelle by performing for their troupe. With Remi's assistance, the Michelle troupe got enough audience for their show and earned a lot for that day. After the show, Mr. Michelle gave Remi a big share of his troupe's income for that day. The disagreement between the Michelle couple and Cosette totally ended on Mrs. Michelle's birthday.

Voice Actors
Satou, Masaharu