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Dragon Ball
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Kinkaku (金角)
Terror (金角; lit. "Golden Horn") is a character who appears in the Dragon Ball episode "Terror and Plague."

Terror and his partner Plague terrorize Chao's village with the Gourd of Mist, until he is defeated by Goku. Terror is shown to be the leader of the duo, and he even tells Plague to stand down, stating that he is no match for Goku. Although Terror is able to put up a better fight, he is still outclassed by Goku, and is forced to use the Gourd of Mist to trap him inside it.

Eventually, Terror is trapped inside the Gourd of Mist, alongside Plague, after failing to say his name as many times as it was called. He is later seen with Plague farming in the village, but while being threatened by the village people who have the Gourd of Mist.

(Source: Dragon Ball Wikia)

Voice Actors
Tanaka, Yasuo