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Dr. Flappe

Dragon Ball
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Dr. Flappe (フラッペ博士)
Dr. Flappe (フラッペ博士) is the creator of Android 8 and, involuntarily, a chief researcher for the Red Ribbon Army. The doctor has puffy hair and wears a yellow coat.

Dr. Flappe makes his first and only appearance of the series in the Dragon Ball episode "The Secret of Dr. Flappe". After Goku and Android 8 conquer Muscle Tower, the two of them and Suno set out to remove the bomb implanted in Eighter's chest. Suno informs Goku that they should visit Dr. Flappe, an expert in machines.

After a last ditch attempt by Ninja Murasaki to steal the Dragon Balls, a successful operation on Eighter, and a great scare as the bomb very nearly is dropped, Android 8 is safe from the Red Ribbon Army's clutches once more. Dr. Flappe, at the very end of the episode, silently admits his cowardice and longing to tell Eighter that he was the one who placed the bomb inside him in the first place.

(Source: Dragon Ball Wikia)

Voice Actors
Yanami, Jouji
Townsley, Bill
Reyero, Gerardo