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Mera (メラ)
Melee is a human-like female demon from the Demon Realm who appears in the Dragon Ball anime series. She only appears in one episode, "Goku Goes to Demon Land."

Melee has light-pink colored skin, red hair, pointy ears, and wears a blue crown on her head. Her primary weapon is a kunai-like weapon tied to a red string. Alongside Gola, she guards the inner entrace to the Demon World. She meets Goku in his attempt to find Shula, the demon ruler, who has kidnapped a girl, Princess Misa, from the human world. She was originally going to fight him, but after she sees his small fight against her partner Gola, she changes her mind. Instead, Melee decides to let him pass, but not before trying to give him a chance to turn back. Goku chooses to keep going, and Melee lets him go onward, to Shula's party.

When Goku defeats Shula, and has Misa in tow, the other demons chase after him, but Melee and Gola block their path. Goku then shuts the door to Demon World forever. After the door is shut, Melee tells Shula that now only those with a special key can enter the Demon World, the way that it should have been from the start. She then tells Shula, that its good for people to learn defeat. Afterwards, Shula decides to continue on with the party rather than punish Melee for interfering. Melee and Gola follow him back into the dephs of Demon World.

(Source: Dragon Ball Wikia)

Voice Actors
Katsuki, Masako
Cranz, Cynthia