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Saki Yamagishi (山岸 沙希)

Gender: Female
Age: 16-17
Birthday: February 23rd
Height: 149.2 cm
Weight: 41kg
Eye Color: Grey-Black
Hair Color: Black-Grey-Teal

Saki Yamagishi is one of Yuuki Hase's and Kaori Fujimiya's classmates. Saki is known for being a bit air-headed. She is a bit clumsy and very forgetful, but not similar to how Kaori is forgetful. When she first appeared, she was being a little pushy with Kaori, however, she is very cheerful, always wear a smile on her lips and, according to Kaori, she is quite interesting. She is friendly and determined to become close friends with Kaori. Saki also sometimes acts like a child, because she needs someone she can relies on. She was in the same primary school class as Shougo Kiryuu.

(Source: Isshukan Friends Wiki)

Voice Actors
Ookubo, Rumi
Uhlig, Charlotte