Ischüdien "The Dragon Chief"



Übel Blatt
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Ischüdien (イシューディーン)
The Dragon Chief of the empire. His ideas agree with Glenn's, and he tries to use his power as a hero to make the empire a better place. Due to Lebelont recent actions, including the massacre of Jebr and reigniting the war with the Wischtech, Ischüdien forms an alliance with Order of the Seven Lances, as he sees Lebelont's acts as having gone too far, and may destroy the empire. Ischüdien is unique among the 7 Heroes, as his motivation for giving up the quest of the 14 Lances does not appear to be driven from fear of the Forest of Death, judging from his expressions during the incident. While most of the heroes try to see themselves as equal, he appears to see Glenn as his master.

He presumably represents the sin of Wrath. While Ischüdien has not been shown to lose his temper so far in the series, dragons are creatures that are often used as a symbol of wrath and anger.

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