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Kakugo no Susume
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Kakugo no Susume
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Harara Hagakure (葉隠散)

Kakugo's older brother and the main antagonist of the series. Believing humanity responsible for the death of the environment and after performing spontaneous sex change, he has become determined to destroy all humans, with the aid of beings known as "Tactical Evils." Harara received the Kasumi armor, which he used to kill his father and defeat his brother in their first battle. After Kakugo defeats all of Harara's Tactical Evils, Harara possesses the defeated form of Eikichi in an attempt to finally destroy Kakugo. In the ensuing battle, Kakugo manages to emerge victorious over his sibling.

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Voice Actors
Ogata, Megumi
Marshall, Mona