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Pierre (ピエール)
Pierre is an orphaned boy. He has a younger little sister, Nina, who became unable to speak after their mother died. The siblings live in an orphanage managed by nuns. Pierre is very mischievous, yet very kind to her sister.

When the mother of Pierre and Nina was still alive, she used to tell her children the story about the little girl who prayed for one hundred days in front of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the healing of her grandmother's long-term illness. In the story, the Blessed Virgin appeared to the little girl exactly on the one hundredth day. She approached the girl and said: "I came to answer your prayers." The little girl's grandmother was then miraculously healed from her illness. Believing the miracle story is true, Pierre decided to also pray in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary for one hundred days in order for Nina to be able to talk again. Pierre failed to finish the one hundred days of prayer. However, Nina was still miraculously cured. Her ability to talk went back.

Voice Actors
Maeda, Konomi