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Hayato (ハヤト)
Falkner's only anime appearance was in the episode Fighting Flyer with Fire.

When Ash's Pikachu gets stolen by Team Rocket, Falkner arrives and rescues Pikachu with the help of his Pidgeot. He flies around on a glider, yearning to be as close to Flying Pokémon as he possibly can be. He is usually seen with his Hoothoot on his shoulder.

Falkner has a self-righteous attitude when it comes to Pokémon training, which tends to anger Ash. Falkner also expresses an intense dislike for the prejudice against the Flying-types' weakness to Electric-types, but proves a slight hypocrisy as he criticizes Ash's poor choice of using Chikorita (weak to Flying-types) in their match.

The Violet City Gym itself is a very tall, spiral-shaped building. Falkner has his matches on the roof of the Gym.

Falkner has many students who chant in unison during his battles.

Ash was able to win the Zephyr Badge, despite his Charizard's wing being severely injured during the match.

Voice Actors
Ishida, Akira
Garza, Eduardo
Hong, Si Ho
Sevilla, Pablo
Mitler, Matthew