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July 4th, 2020
Anime Relations: Itazura na Kiss
some of my favorite ever episodes, i felt like starting to take notes on them after watching an amazing episode full of turn arounds from Itazura Na Kiss (Aug 5, 2020) so, here it goes haha

WARNING - big SPOILERS in the spoiler tags.

Itazura Na Kiss episode 14 and 21

Naruto Shippuden episode 166 - Hinata's speech in Naruto vs Pain fight
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August 20th, 2019
Anime Relations: Naruto

Saber + Umaru collab lol

I finally decided to do this (was waiting till i knew the characters well enough), and it's mostly accurate so i'll share it here =D
Chisato should be number 30 (i kinda hate her even if she gets better after a while...) and Maya/Hagumi should be like 5 spots higher

waifu = Hyuuga Hinata

Lulu main =D more about what games i play and etc can be found on my "useless stuff about me" spoiler =D

Aria the Animation - Aika - found on Athenai

people fight...meanwhile i'll just add them all to my favorite girls blog :v

Not like me at all right...right? LOL

a friend who lives in Japan made this blog, if you like japan you might want to check

Totsuka best guy =D

manga beauty - Iori from I''s

angel, class rep, tsundere, very nice to her family, pretty as heaven (lol) ... I'm in love (Centaur no Nayami)

02 - best girl of 2018

Astolfo - Fate Apocrypha - Best boy 2017

Satanichia best girl 2017

Sarada <3

best girl Hinata cosplaying as best girl Satanichia =D (too many best girls haha)

demi-chan vampire Hikari

akko - LWA ep 22

made in abyss

Uraraka <3 while i started to enjoy boku no hero academia later , the only reason i didn't drop it at ep 2/3 was because of her lol


Susu - Fox spirit matchmaking / huyao xiao hongniang

Karen (Monogatari)

Historia x Ymir <3

Sarada, another one of my loves haha, boruto ep 20

i like this part, it's quite magical, from every episode of Revue Starlight

stuff from forum signatures, just for reference lol

found on Lunyred, who doesn't remember who was the author lmao

senryuu shoujo, found on
posted by EGOIST

kabaneri (found on loli_cop)

meow meow, KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIII (hinako note 3)

because sensei is small, cute, soft soft "funi funi, funi funi" (hahaha i love this anime)

being small has advantages lol

Rose - Tales of Zestiria


rokudenashi ep1

make whatever funny face, if you laugh you lose (gab dropout 10)

i missed Hinata so much lol (how to take 20 prints in 1 episode, NS499 the Hinata focused episode) (tbh 500 was almost the same LOL)
also, for naruhina fans, this is a great video -


AKKOxDIANA once again =D (Little Witch Academia 25), my top 2 anime (tied with Aria)

NGE, far from being one of my favorite animes, but this picture is just lovely

It's gross but feels so good - Alice to zouroku 8

Zero Kara Hajimero ending (oh wow after watching the episode...this part is awesome lol)

i need to watch date a live :v

3-gatsu openings

amanchu - Hikari <3

monogatari (missing some people) ... my favorite order for this series:
boys - Araragi -> Kaiki -> Oshino
girls - Senjougahara -> Karen -> Mayoi -> Hanekawa -> Shinobu -> Yotsugi -> Kanbaru -> Tsukihi -> others

Hinako note

Kiniro Mosaic

show by rock



Isekai Maou

Release the spyce

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Anime Relations: Naruto
By Lunyrem <3

I'll probably put every card in here and organise them by club... but for now,to see all the MAL cards i've collected so far:

2019 (safe version) -
hentai version -

2020 part 1 (safe version) -
part 2 -

2021 -

Pokemon cards by Fiveknuckles2 (1-151) -
(152-250?) -

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Anime Relations: Angel Beats!
here are some of my favorite songs (anime and not anime)
note: many youtube videos get deleted... you can still copy paste the song name on google ;)


NOT ANIME (doing this one later)
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Anime Relations: Naruto
almost every season, i watch at least 20 animes, and sometimes i end up collecting gifs from those animes and making a blog with it... (note that some seasons can have 100 gifs while others only 15 lol)

GIFS each season

seasonal ranking/mini reviews (fall16 till fall 2017?) -

favorite 20 characters per season (fall16 to present, far behind on finishing this...) -
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Anime Relations: Naruto
Hello my name is David =)
i've been watching anime since i was young (wake up early at weekends and watch pokemon, yugioh, dragon ball, sailor moon, digimon, beyblade and others).

Now a days i watch like 3-6 episodes a day (around 25 seasonals usually), and read the forum after some episodes...which takes a while.
worth mentioning that i'm getting farther and farther behind in seasonals, so just from the last 2 (+ this one) seasons i have like 15-20 animes with 4+ episodes behind...LOL i really need to take a few days to focus on catching them up...but games and other stuff... rip :v

i'm a fan of:
- Slice of Life + cute girls (Aria, Aikatsu, Umaru-chan, Flying Witch, Kiniro Mosaic, Tamayura, Gabriel Dropout, Yuru camp, and 100s more)
- some darker stuff...(Re:Zero, Mirai Nikki, Fate series...).
- ecchi, yuri and lolis ;) romance is also nice.
- demi-girls (animal/angel/demon) - Satanichia, Mitama Manami, Hikari (Demi-chan), Horo (Spice and wolf), Tsuyu (BnHA) , Susu (Fox spirit)
- tsunderes (even if it gets a little bit annoying) - Taiga/Louise/Aria/Shana, Aya (KiniroMosaic), Meiling, Senjougahara, Satanichia, Sistine, Eriri)
- energetic girls - Karen (Kiniro), Hikari (Demi-chan), Chiya (Urara), Hikari (Amanchu), Papika (Flipflappers), Koyori (Shakunetsu)...
- girls with foreign type of Japanese - Karen (Kiniro), Chloe (Girlfriend kari), Sandy (Minami kamakura), El Condor Pasa (Uma Musume)
- fight anime - Naruto, sword fight anime, magical fights , (not so much with guns i guess)
- some 30+ "looking"not sure of age woman that are super cool (Balsa, Katalina - granblue, Saber -fate, Meme -denpa onna)
- traps (cause they usually look adorable and are super fun to watch) - Astolfo (Fate), Midare (Touken Ranbu), Felix (Re:zero) and more

i dislike:
- BL - I liked Yaoi Yuri on ice and Ling Qi ........ but other than that...please no, even on those i sometimes avoided looking at the BL parts lol
- detective - even on Hyouka (i like the characters) i didn't find the detective stuff much fun, and others were low rated
- dementia / horror / deaths - usually don't like the negative talk, since i'm already negative... (take neon genesis evangelion, where i liked the anime but couldn't stand Shinji half of the time), also usually i hate deaths if i know the characters, I've dropped multiple animes for 1 death...
- animal and people abuse - sometimes I'll get mad if even a dog or a cat gets hurt/bullied (even on anime). on hentai, people bullying is somewhat fine tho lol
- censorship in ecchi scenes - AAAAAARGH, let me see the boobies LOL
- Paint and print-screen - while i like to take prints, seeing how much time i waste on some episodes because of it...fuck paint :v

games i play:
- Summoners War (phone game, since december 2014. 10+ hours everyday, mostly on automatic, farming runes and stuff lol)
League of Legends (gold on euw, i'm so bad haha, current name is "Astolfo is waifu"),

Runescape (played for like 5 years but been away for some time now)

Flower knight girls (and other games from Nutaku, stopped it since they decided to close a lot of games i played...),

multiple phone games, using bluestacks for some of them (Summoners War, Bang Dream, Revue Starlight, PokemonGo, Azur Lane, Valkyrie Connect, Soccer Spirits, King's Raid, Yugioh duel Links... and plan to try more)

my ratings:
1-3 = shit...maybe i liked 2 or 3 episodes but the rest sucked, and i wish i dropped it earlier
4= not so bad but not decent either, most of these started with 7+ but were a big disappointment and had to go down
5-6 = decent, enjoyed the time, i will probably remember at least 2 or 3 characters and a bit of the story for a long time
7-8 = great, totally enjoyed it and might recommend some of those
9-10 = i loved it, has a good chance to be on my top10 anime/manga/character and will recommend them to people who like the genre

250th = Dec 19, 2016 - Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume
300th = Mar 6, 2017 - Sakura Cardcaptor
350th = April 9, 2017 - Shin Seiki Inma Seiden (hentai, not true 350th, updated list stuff from before)
100 days = Apr 18, 2017 - Gokicha
400th = Jun 17, 2017 - Shingeki no Kyojin S2
420th(lol) = July 1, 2017 - Danmachi Gaiden
450th - Oct 31, 2017 - Sakurada Reset
500th - July 3rd 2018 - SAO alternative GGO
550th - Mar 28th, 2019 - 3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season
600th - Sep 23rd, 2019 - Kochouki: Wakaki Nobunaga
650th - Mar 24th, 2020 - Murenase! Seton Gakuen
700th - Sep 26th, 2020 - Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T

i accept friend requests, and also send a lot (specially if i like favorites)

also, my Facebook about anime eyes (feel free to follow, comment, suggest...).

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