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November 8th, 2020
I'm not someone who usually goes against the grain when it comes to beloved anime. Most of my favorites are acclaimed popular shows & my 2nd favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop. That's not to say I don't have my unpopular opinions though, I think Toradora is the worst romance anime you can find, Fate/Zero is some of the most unrelentlessly boring garbage I've ever watched &, although I'm not sure how unpopular this take is or not, but the Girls & Panzer series is the bane of my existence. In this blog I'll be ranting what's possibly my most unpopular & disagreeable opinion in that I cannot fucking stand the Kara no Kyoukai movies. I think everything about them is atrocious & an amalgamation of what I don't want out of the anime I watch. To set the record straight I've only seen the first 3 movies, I haven't seen the 5th one (and I never will) because I already hate the first 3 on a level unlike anything else & from what everyone praises about the 5th movie it sounds exactly like the things I hate about this series. I'll also throw out that this isn't going to be professional at all, this is 100% unbiased raging about a series of movies I hate, this hit piece is going to be almost entirely unfair to these movies because I just don't know any other way to put it.

To sum up why I hate these movies, I have 3 reasons, the art design, the characters, & the directing. I’ll start off with the art design. Many think these movies look amazing, I think they look absolutely awful personally. The movies are way too dark to a point where I can see my own reflection on my monitor whilst watching these movies. If the response to this is “turn the brightness on your monitor up”. Then I’ll firstly reply with “Thanks, I never thought of that before”. Secondly, even if that did work & didn’t wash out the picture to make it a washed out mess that ironically makes the image harder to look at, I should not under any circumstance have to pause the movie & turn up the brightness because some slacker incompetent on the art design doesn’t know how to light the environments properly. I’ll also need to bring up the color design, which I also find really terrible. Due to the lighting on the environments everything just starts blending together to a point where I have trouble making out main characters in a scene where the camera is placed far away in some vein effort to try & give this world scope. The tone of colors I also find very dreary to look at, taking harsh tones that, in an environment I already don’t like looking at, only adds further to the dark, depressing, dull looking world of these movies. If that was what UFOtable was going for, then I guess they succeeded at it if the colors make the movie even more unbearable to look at than it already was. Before I end this segment, I’ll quickly give that I think the character designs are generic & have with them that exact light novel character design aesthetic that I fucking depise, so there’s that.

Next I’ll tackle the characters, which I hate. I find the characters frustratingly uninteresting, which in a story driven series that has huge bouts of character dialogue to try & explain the story which takes itself completely seriously, is not a good thing. Shiki Ryougi in particular is my most hated anime character of all time because she’s just nothing to me. Sure things happen to her, but because a lot of the character growth for her in the 2nd movie comes from character dialogue that I find completely uninteresting because of the flat directing it’s not good & doesn’t make me interesting in learning about Shiki or seeing her succeed. If you were to watch the movies in release order (which I did before giving up after the 3rd one) I also think that movie fails at making me want to learn anything about Shiki because that movie couldn’t of made Shiki more dull a character if she was a brick wall with legs, hell a brick wall with legs would be more interesting that Shiki Ryougi in the first movie. The rest of the characters in these movies are equally as uninteresting as our main heroine there’s the token male, the female information gather, & a whole bunch of nothingness elsewhere. I seriously hate how underwhelming & lame I find all of these characters to be. I also despise the voice acting in these movies. If the voice direction for Maya Sakamoto as Shiki was supposed to be “sound like you give absolutely no fucks at all & are only doing this for a pay-check” than she succeeded alright. But in my opinion this performance from Mrs. Sakamoto is absolutely pathetic. Shiki rarely ever changes her tone of voice (at least from what I saw) so I could never tell if she was supposed to be happy, angry, or whatever. A performance completely devoid of personality the line “I am Bender please insert girder” from that one episode of Futurama in which Bender loses his memory chip & basically becomes a vegetable until he gets it backs has more personality & sounds like it has some character to it. Fucking Rei Ayanami from Evangelion, a character that is supposed to be an emotionless doll (at first glance anyway) brings with her a performance that sounds like it actually has some character behind it, for fucks sake the voice acting in these movies are horrible. The other characters? Pretty much the same as Shiki. Completely uninteresting voice performances that sound like the voice actors only cared about getting a paycheck instead of giving a memorable (for the right reasons) performance to their characters.

The final segment I have to talk about is the directing. Which to the surprise of nobody, I absolutely detest. I’ve heard from some fans of KnK (mainly Digibro in his top 27 anime video) that “KnK is more about its atmosphere, characters, & action than the actual story which is pretentious” (his words not mine). As I’ve already established, I hate the characters so 0 for 1 already. But I can actually buy KnK being heavily about the atmosphere, after all, I love Haibane Renmei, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, & Aria. All series which, aren’t the strongest when it comes to narrative, but accel at creating an atmosphere, world, & characters I absolutely adore. Hell a lot of my favorites are favorites because the atmosphere does play into them, my favorite anime Maison Ikkoku is my favorite partially because of how well the atmosphere plays off of everything in that series. What I’m getting at here is that I appreciate me a good atmosphere. Unfortunately, because I’ve already established that I hate how bleak the world of Kara no Kyoukai looks, how I don’t like the character designs, I think the world just in general isn’t really interesting, among with everything else I’ve mentioned. I hope you can understand my frustrations with how this movies approach to building atmosphere is to put a slow panning shot over an absolutely disgusting environment that I don’t like looking at in some shitty attempt to mask the exponentially tedious dialogue that KnK loves to spout from time to time. Yuki Kajira’s music, while one of the more tolerable aspects of this series I think is unmemorable & they don’t take enough opportunities to use it for some good atmosphere building. I’ve seen Hunter x Hunter come under fire from people for having expository dialogue, which isn’t exactly wrong. But why Hunter x Hunter gets away with it is quite simple really, Madhouse was able to make amazing use out of that kick ass soundtrack & make the exposition scenes feel more epic than they actually are. Plus Hunter x Hunter will usually have something interesting going on in the background or an environment that isn’t completely disgusting to look at like KnK, so Hunter x Hunter has that going for it. The action directing in these movies admittedly can be great showcases of directing, but because they’re so far between & placed well after I’ve become frustrated & angry at the absolutely piss poor directing elsewhere in the movie, they fail to capture my attention or really leave an impact because once the action scene is over it goes back to showcasing slow panning shots or long landscape shots over disgusting environments that I can’t stand looking at. So the action directing & good sound design can’t even be appreciated.

At the end of the day, I just don’t know what to say about these movies anymore. From the unbearable directing, awful voice acting, frustratingly boring characters, & atrocious art design I just don’t know what to say anymore. I am genuinely feeling a 0/10 for these movies. Not even a strong 0 to a light 1. Just a 0, because these movies offer me absolutely no enjoyment, I didn’t even enjoy writing this post because I just hate these movies that much but I must say I do feel better now that this is out there (even though I doubt many will read this). I’ve also made myself a very unpopular guy now but shit, I already claimed Toradora as the worst romance anime ever, at this point, I have nothing else to lose.
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July 11th, 2020
Well because I wanna make 2 exceptions (and because 21 is a better number than 19), here’s a list of my top 21 anime series of all time. Subject to change but as of right now, these are my absolute favorites. No movies as that will get its own list at some other point. So no Ghibli, No Oshii, & no Satoshi Kon (even Paranoia Agent isn’t going to be on this list). UPDATE as of 7/1/2020. The spots aren’t as accurate anymore, but the shows on here are still accurate (Hunter x Hunter would be #10 as an example)

21. Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin:

20. Rurouni Kenshin (+Trust & Betrayal).

19. Top Wo Nerae Gunbuster.

18. Now & Then Here & there.

17. Super Dimension Fortress Macross (+Do You Remember Love movie).

16. Hunter X Hunter.

15. Yu Yu Hakusho.

14. Kino’s Journey.

13. Revolutionary Girl Utena.

12. Ping Pong the animation.

11. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

10. The Tatami Galaxy.

9. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex (1st and 2nd gig).

8. FLCL.

7. Neon Genesis Evangelion (+ The End of Evangleion).

6. Steins;Gate.

5. Kareshi Kanojo No Jijou.

4. Monogatari Series.

3. Cowboy Bebop.

2. Maison Ikkoku.

1. 3-gatsu no Lion.

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July 10th, 2020
The name of the list says it all. I’m gonna be ranking every Studio Ghibli movie. There’s 23 of these. Lets get to it. I won’t be giving super in depth thoughts on these movies because I plan on reviewing some of these in more detail at a later date (if ever). Just enough information to convey my thoughts on these films

23. Tales from Earthsea.

22. My Neighbors the Yamada’s.

21. The Cat Returns.

20. Pom Poko.

19. Grave of the Fireflies.

18. Only Yesterday.

17. Castle of Cagliostro.

16. Ocean Waves.

15. From up On Poppy Hill.

14. KiKi’s Delivery Service.

13. Tonari no Totoro (yes I’m being a weeb for this one because I prefer the Japanese title).

12. Princess Mononoke.

11. Kaguya-Hime no Monogatari.

10. Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa.

9. Karigurashi no Arrietty.

8. Spirited Away.

7. Whisper of the Heart.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle.

5. Omoide no Marnie.

4. Gake no Ue no Ponyo.

3. Kaze Tachinu.

2. Porco Rosso.

1. Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa.

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June 29th, 2020
Anime Relations: Lucky☆Star
According to what I have marked on my MAL, it was october 8th when I decided to watch Lucky Star. I don’t remember what it was that particularly made me watch Lucky Star, but I think it had something to do with somebody buying the series on Blu-Ray in one of the discord servers that I was (and still am) in. Going of this design, I immediately took notice of the wii-remotes & decided “You know what, I’m going to watch this series. So I put on the first episode & I HATED it. I thought it was boring, the characters were completely uninteresting, the directing style I thought was flat, this show had no good qualities for me right out of the gate upon my initial watch, & since I had just come off of dropping Nichijou, & seeing as I though Lucky Star was similar to Nichijou, I had initially dropped it. But the following day, I was trying to figure out what to watch, & I couldn’t find anything, out of desperation I decided to give Lucky Star a 2nd chance by watching the first episode again, this time I found myself liking the first episode a good bit. Then it hit me, this show is both
A. About absolutely nothing but highschool girls living their daily lives
B. My middle school days with my friends.
Watching this episode immediately brought me back to what I consider to be one of my favorite years of my school life, 6th-8th grade. Unlike most people I talk to, I don’t look back on my middle school days & cringe upon them uncontrollably like I do with my freshman year of highschool. Konata, Tsukasa, Miyuki, & Kagami were me and my friends in middle school. We would talk about completely meaningless things , most of the conversations leading up to nothing & then switching the conversation topic at random. So I proceeded on with the series and found myself liking the rest of the series & finding some of the jokes to be rather humorous. One of my favorite episodes both at the time & now as I’m writing this take on Lucky Star is the episode where Konata works at a cosplay cafe, cosplaying Haruhi. A joke with Lucky Star both with its English Dub & Japanese Dub is that Konata Izumi & Haruhi Suzumiya share the same voice actress (Wendee Lee English, Aya Hirano Japanese). Seeing Wendee Lee go from Haruhi, to Konata on a dime was really funny, & Konata acting like Haruhi (treating her friends, well, ok Kagamean) like shit at the cafe made me laugh uncontrollably & I still look back fondly on that scene to this day. One of my other favorite moments in this series is when Konata goes “ahhhh” into the fan & it makes those weird noises, I liked that because that scene made me go “Seriously, who didn’t try that at some point in their life?). Then what made that scene even better was Kagami scolding both Konata & Tsukasa for going “ahhh” into the fan & then Kagami’s dad called her out on it. The structure & build up of such a minor scene was really great & got a serious laugh out of me. As Lucky Star went along I was like, “Ok I really like this”, & for a brief period of time it had become one of my favorites. To go back to the English Dub for a second, people say Cowboy Bebop has the best English Dub? Well, I don’t disagree, but in my opinion I like the Lucky Star dub more. The casting choices were excellent & you have to commend the dubbing team’s efforts for making sure the whole joke about Konata & Haruhi having the same voice actor wasn’t lost in translation. Wendee Lee pulls off the slacker voice very well on Konata & Kari Wahlgren’s portrayal of Kagami brings out her sass even better than the original Japanese VA in my honest opinion, Kari Wahlgren made this dub for me alone, I really wish she was present in more English dubs these days, because I would actually watch them if Kari Wahlgren was in them. If you were to ask me my favorite girl in Lucky Star, it’s Tsukasa hands down, I love her innocent nature & contrasting personality to her more aggressive & snarky twin sister. Plus her English VA really bought out a great performance, like god-damn this English cast is really fucking talented. Can I talk about that OST? Because that god-damn piano theme ‘Fun Fun Dayo’ was my life theme for about 2 weeks after I had finished the series, any activity, no matter how mundane or exciting it was, that god damn theme would start playing & it wouldn’t go away. Plus the rest of the soundtrack matched the show really well too, & every piece I really enjoyed listening to as the show played out, if there was a vinyl release of this OST, I’d probably buy it depending on if it was fairly priced or not, Yeah, never in my life did I think I would be praising Lucky Star’s OST but here I am, writing another rambling post about why I like Lucky Star. Of course being that Lucky Star was one of my favorites for awhile, I own it on Blu-Ray, I wish I waited a little bit for Funimation’s “essentials” re-release of the series, because having just the Blu-Rays would be a god-send & take up less shelf space overall. But on the other hand, I don’t really see myself selling my current set, because part of me likes owning 2 copies of the series, on 2 different formats, in 1 case. But it’s a really good release of the series, colors are nice, there’s a shit ton of extras, it comes with the OVA episode. It’s an all around great release, & if you have interest in collecting anime and owning it physically, I would recommend picking Lucky Star up on Blu-Ray if you haven’t already, it’s not too much money to own it. Anyway I don’t know where else to take this Lucky Star Ramble other than to say, Lucky Star is awesome, I enjoyed watching it, & I’m gonna throw on some random episodes now that I’m done writing this post.
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I can remember the first day I saw Cowboy Bebop like it was yesterday. I had just come off of finishing this other anime called Gunslinger Girl. I was looking for another anime to watch, & I remembered Cowboy Bebop had existed, having heard about this show in the distant past, but not knowing anything about it, I went to google & searched it up, to my surprised it turned out to be one of the most critically acclaimed anime of all time. So of course I checked it out because I saw that the ratings were very high. I did no research on the show prior, I just went to whatever website I could find it on & I watched it. It was a school night & I was a junior in highschool at the time. It was after I was “supposed:” to go to bed, I watched the first episode & the first thing that comes to my mind is how much of a visual spectacle tank was, but of course I didn’t know the significance of tank at the time, hell I had never even heard the OP before-hand (let that tell you how much of an anime noob I was). Anyway, Tank was awesome, the song was catchy, the editing & imagery was slick, it was a structurally well made OP, & that right there had gotten me excited for the show right then & there. I’ll never forget the first shot I saw of the series, we all know it, the shot in space, a pan to showcase what space-life is like in this world, then we cut to the gate. I was simply taken aback by how awesome the show looked, the visual craftsmanship on display was simply excellent, there was no other way for me to put it. Then we’re actually introduced to these characters doing such, mundane activities, but in a way, it was a perfect introduction for me, I didn’t know who Spike & Jet where, but Spike practicing his Jeet-Kun-Do, & Jet cooking those bell-peppers & beef. I don’t really know how to describe it but those simple displays of some great animation work of mundane actions in the grand-scheme of this show, but it just sold me. Then I saw the interaction, I fell in love with Spike immediately, & I loved the dynamic that him & Jet shared. I already liked this guy for caring more about the fact that there’s no beef in his bell-peppers, & taking a trivial matter such as “can you really call bell peppers & beef such a thing when there’s no beef in the bell-pepper?” & turning it into a bigger deal than it should’ve been. That moment right there told me I was going to like the characters, & that scene has stuck with me ever since I watched the series for the first time, & the more I’ve thought about this series since. As the episode was going on, I was taken aback by how… adult, the series was. This series wasn’t some high-octane action after action series, most of the series of events that the characters partook in Asteroid Blues were rather mundane, & I know Asteroid Blues has its share of actions pieces, but for some reason those weren’t the scenes that took me back & made me realize I was watching something else. It was the more laid back scenes where the characters were largely just talking betwixt one another, I really don’t know man. I was stunned by the locations & how insanely detailed the series was, when I looked it up the day after & found out that Cowboy Bebop was made in 1998 I was like “Holy fucking shit this was possible in 1998?” needless to say my mind was blown on just the artwork alone. As the episode was nearing its end with the great chase scene between Spike & Asimov, & Asimov’s girlfriend shoots him knowing that they’ll never make it to mars like they wanted to, & then the amazing OST just cuts straight to silence, & at first I didn’t even know what happened because I was just so stunned thinking about how else the rest of the episode was. The cut straight to Spike’s eye, the reveal the Asimov was killed & Spike lost the bounty, ending with an “Adios” & Asimov’s girlfriend getting shot to shit, & the OST resumes. After the fact we cut back to the Bebop, now I didn’t realize it at the time, but the way the final moments of this episode are structured by mirroring the beginning of the episodes, & the final line is “Special, bell peppers & beef”. Following that the final shot where Jet throws the cigarette to spike, & in the low gravity spike grabs it & it ends with that fucking shot, then “See You Space Cowboy” appears at the bottom of the screen. That tore it, I wanted more of this series, I was ready to start the next episode right then & there, but I wanted to be a responsible boy & get some good sleep for school that next morning. I was amazed & gobsmacked by that first episode, I was so lost in my thoughts & taking in what I had just witnessed that I didn’t even hear Real Folk Blues playing in the background. The following day at school, all I did was think about Cowboy Bebop & how awesome that first episode was, it actually got to a point where I wasn’t paying attention & my teachers had to call me out that’s how lost in my thoughts I was about just the first episode of Cowboy Bebop. Back then, when I watched Bebop, I don’t exactly know why, but my favorite episodes were Asteroid Blues, Heavy Metal Queen, & Mushroom Samba, which are all fantastic episodes mind you, Bebop doesn’t have a single bad episode attached to it after all. What made those episodes my favorites, was the music actually, particularly in Heavy Metal Queen & Mushroom Samba, the metal song & mushroom hunting just took me back. The scenes also helped too mind you, the train setpiece will never get old, & the excellent cinematography on display in Heavy Metal Queen just made that OST stand out to me even more. But nowadays if you were to ask me my favorite episodes of Bebop, I would tell you Ballad of Fallen Angels, Jupiter Jazz, & Real Folk Blues. Overtime, I’ve also just came to really appreciate these characters so much more, & appreciate the intricacies & nuances of these characters & their personality. Like I always knew how great these characters were back then, but all I would’ve told you back then wa “oh they were cool”, but now I’d probably have to write another google doc just to express my immense love of this cast & their journeys. Cowboy Bebop, was also the first Blu-Ray I ever bought period, I remember when I went to Best-Buy, & I saw the series on sale for 30 dollars, & I snagged it right up without thinking twice about it. Because, the way I saw it was “I buy physical video games, how are Blu-Rays any different from buying physical video games?”. So the first thing I did, was open that sucker right when I got home, put disc 1 in my PS4, & watched the first 5 episodes again in one sitting. I had only intended on checking out episode 1 to see what the Blu-Ray looked like, because I at least had knowledge that Blu-Ray was supposed to be the best looking video-format or something (I didn’t know about 4K UHD at the time). If that doesn’t speak volumes to the quality of this series than I don’t know what does. I would’ve watched all 9 episodes on the disc, but I had to go somewhere else later that day, so unfortunately I couldn’t watch all 9 episodes of disc 1 in one sitting. Cowboy Bebop overtime I have just grown more & more attached to, I constantly find new things to praise about this series everyday, I think about this series constantly & I love it as if it were my own son. Now, I don’t claim to be the biggest Bebop fan, my knowledge about this series but inside & surrounding it definitely pales in comparison to resident /r/cowboybebop discord user spice, & I most certainly cannot claim to be an OG of Cowboy Bebop, as I didn’t watch it when it came over the US & aired on Adult Swim in September of 2001 (I was only 3 months old at the time). But what I find crazy about Cowboy Bebop is that as much as I praise this series to high hell, tell people to go watch it, & annoy my friends & everyone else with my love of this series, I have only seen it fully all the way through, twice. My first watch was in 2018 before I really thought about anime as anything more than anime & just took the things I watched at face-value & didn’t really take my ratings all too seriously, & my second exactly a year after I had watched the series for the first time, in February of 2019, when I had become somewhat more experienced & starting taking my ratings more seriously. That second watch really cemented Cowboy Bebop as one of my favorite things of all time, Cowboy Bebop had been my favorite anime for a year and a half, only getting surpassed once I saw Maison Ikkoky exactly a year and a half later (I started that series on June 28th). I don’t really know where I wanted to take this drunken ramble on one of my all time favorite things. Maybe I should end it with “I believe Cowboy Bebop changed my life” & if it didn’t do that, then it most certainly affected my outlook & left a profound impact on me that can still be felt over 2 and a half years later. I even wrote a goddamn review of the series that you can check out here if you’re oh so inclined to see a slightly more professional outlook on the series from a critical point of view. In conclusion to this ramble I guess, my first memory of this show is crystal clear, the impact it left on me was profound, I owe a lot of thanks to this series, & if this series isn’t put on an international preservation society so that future generations can see this absolutely beautiful series, then I’m gonna be fucking pissed. Anyway, I’ve been writing this close to 3 page drunken rambling about this series for long enough, I apologize if there’s any grammatical errors of the sort, but yeah, I hope this was an interesting read.
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I made a list like a couple days ago talking about my top 21 anime in honor of turning 19 soon (also because I wanted to make room for Hunter X Hunter & Ping Pong the animation) so because I’m bored & have absolutely nothing better to do why not talk about 21 other shows that I really like a lot. This time the list won’t be in a particular order because that requires effort and this list is probably gonna be just as, if not potentially longer than the first list. Without further ado lets get this shit started

21. Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket.

20. Mad Bull 34.

19. Kemonozume.

18. Panty & Stocking.

17. Kill La Kill.

16. Texhnolyze.

15. Mawaru Penguindrum.

14. Haibane Renmei.

13. Lucky Star.

12. Cardcaptor Sakura.

11. Beck.

10. Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) & Brotherhood.

9. Wolf’s Rain.

8. Samurai Champloo.

7. The Vision of Escaflowne.

6. Durarara.

5. Giant Robo the animation.

4. Otaku No Video.

3. Mirai Shounen Conan.

2. Akage No Anne.

1. Sherlock Hound.

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