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January 14th, 2015
Anime Relations: Byousoku 5 Centimeter
Literally has become an addiction, Mainly because I feel slightly guilty about using work time to read manga, but at the same time I feel like I am more productive when I am reading and working at the same time.

I used to read alot of action adventure and historical epics. Like Berserk, Ravages of time and Martial art manga's like Holyland, Kenichi. But as I went along, I begun to focus more on Comedy, slice of life and then gradually romance.

I enjoy holding back the giggles when I am reading a funny gag in a comedy manga, and when its slips out I have to usually make an excuse like, someone sent me a funny email.

Holding back the tears when I am reading a very emotional scene (Such was the case for 5cm Per Second. I thought I was going to bawl like a baby, which would have been disastrous.)

For some reason I can only enjoy reading manga at work. I do enjoy it at home, but for some reason when I am working and reading manga, I feel more alive even if its something depressing.
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January 30th, 2013
From as long as I can remember, my first anime experience was cantonese dubbed.
Since I was born in the UK, the only way my family got Hong Kong shows to watch, was to get Family to record shows, such as dramas new year specials, Historical dramas, and anime in Hong Kong, and to bring them back to the UK when they came to visit. (The UK and HK VHS standards were the same).

My first show was probably doraemon (Ding Dong) as it was previously known.
I grew up on anime, because I enjoyed the imagination and gadgets that Doraemon gave Nobita.

Later as I grew older, I watched Dragon Ball in Cantonese, Nintama Rantarou, GS Mikami, Sailor Moon (Good Sick of it due to the Female Cousins watching it over and over again fro 9 years), Shouryuden, Dragon Ball Z, NGE, Kimengumi, Tora to Ushio, Ranma 1/2, Yu Yu Hakushou, Miyazaki Films, Patlabor, Arion, Cobra, City Hunter, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, GTO...... Etc etc.

It wasn't till later when the Internet came and stuff like Kazaa came out that I began to watch fansubs, Later as Torrents came into effect, I was watching stuff that was being released.

But with the fall in VHS, it meant no more Video Tape recordings of anime, and with cousins and me all grown up, no more anime was recorded, instead only HK dramas were recorded on DVD.

But after learning to type chinese, I have finally started to find cantonese dubbed shows. Including some of my old favourites like DB, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma 1/2, Slam Dunk. But also new stuff like Gintama, Usagi Drop, Tiger and Bunny.

However even though I have found Dubs, I have realised there are also dubbing quality issues. As some Anime dubs are poor, and others are good.
The ones that are good, are the ones from J2. Since from as long as I remember they have been dubbing shows like Doraemon and Rantarou, So the voice actors are really good, and really help to potray any characters they play.

The worst dubs are Animemax, Though my cousins say they are better now. So will need to reconfirm this at a later date, when I try to watch Beezlebub dubbed in cantonese.

ATV also dubs anime, Yu Gi OH GX was well done, and Lucky Star isn't bad.

J2 likes to keep Anime characters and voice actors consistent, though I have noticed that voice actors can change in some episodes, though only onces so far.
example is Hijikata, where the normal actor was absent for the top ten phrases episode.

The Death of Nobita's Voice actor meant that a new replacement had to be found. So still trying to get use to the voice. Hard when you've been watching doraemon for 20 years.

J2 has also begun to assign the person who voices Gintoki in Gintama to all the other roles Tomokazu Sugita plays, As the Cantonese Voice actor is also Kyon and Hidenori in High School boys daily lives.

Shame I don't know who actually voices them, since the end credits are not adjusted to show the local voice actors XD.

The more Kiddy shows get their own Openings Redubbed, So keroro Gunsou got its opening redubbed 4 times, before they stuck with the Japanese original openings.
Chibi Maruko got its song dubbed, and so did Doraemon and Dr Slump. Dragon ball aswell. City Hunter got its own song sung by andy lau. which to me now is a classic.

But the more adult and shorter shows that aren't as long running were stuck with the orignal openings, like NGE, though Gintama is the exceptional. I guess its because the people decided the show was to unpredictable, Considering Gintama's Nature is unpredictable, Like fast forwarding the opening in 201.

Shows that were taken such as Detective Conan were dubbed for a season only. So no openings were dubbed, shame no plans on dubbing the whole thing, since Cantonese conan was also cool.

They have however kept dubbing the Conan movies with the same main cast, Though they change support voice actors.

One Piece I am going to test since also the first season was dubbed, though by ATV, so it should be decent. Though Surprisingly Naruto and Bleach hit off in HK, But One Piece didn't, which shocks me, since One Piece to me anime wise is better.

I have tried Mandarin dubs, and I personally can't stand it, Mainly because its to rigid.

There are redubbing releases, As I have noticed that Dragon ball movies, are voiced by different actors, and you can find two or three versions of Ghibli movies voiced by completely different people.

Since the Voice actors are employees of the network companies, they also do the dubbing for Mandarin, Korean and Japanese Dramas that are airred in Hong Kong. So its funny when you hear Anime voice actors dubbing someone in a Live action drama.

All in all loving the Cantonese dubs, and wishing there will be more.
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May 6th, 2011
Anime Relations: Gintama
I've watched Gintama up to Episode 195. And I have stopped there.

Kinda upset that its going to be the end of Season 4. But at the same time I know that the new season has also begun airing. but I want to wait for the entire season to be released before I watch it. (Not sure if I should though)

Instead I've just been re-watching episode 1-195.
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March 24th, 2011
Finally got my new graphics card, time for some HD Shogun 2..... After another 4 hours of work.
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October 7th, 2010
Been away due to the increase in video games, Like Yakuza 3 and Way of the samurai 3, But also due to Burn Notice Season 3 and Dexter Season 3 and 4.

But hopefully I will be back on the anime track and back in the zone.

Got so much to watch.
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August 26th, 2010
Since I came back on to MAL, Not sure what to do now, since I've not watched anime for atleast a week, since I started watching simpsons and playing RDR.
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