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August 13th, 2010
Me specifically? I'm a doctor, but not the kind that helps people. I'm a scientist and an educator. And I'm a HUGE manga freak. Remember that next time you look at one of your professors.

I'm one of the MAL manga moderators. My "specialization" would be BL, shoujo, and Japanese publications in general. Please post any questions or modification requests here.

I don't watch anime anymore, so my list is dated and I like it that way. I've been a rabid manga reader and collector for years. My manga collection (3600+ books and counting) consists entirely of Japanese import manga. My favorite genres are BL, fantasy, and shoujo (especially combinations thereof). This makes me a big Racish/Ichibansuki/Ichiraci fan.

A complete listing of my books is available at LibraryThing. I read a lot of raws, so I add hundreds of works to the database here. I also like using less obvious genre tags to amuse myself. I rate purely based on enjoyment and anything rated 8 and up is a highly recommended read.

I love talking manga, so feel free to leave a comment, find me on the discussion boards, or find me in the HGM or AGU clubs.

the manga habit
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I don't appreciate people constantly asking where I read some particular manga. I buy it. Stop asking.
Don't press that comment button if you're going to ask--Meg is watching.

My collection pictures

Here's some recently read and enjoyed works by cover! These will rotate periodically.

Past "featured" works:

Past "featured" works continued: Part 1, Part 2
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June 18th, 2010
I keep swapping the last two favorite slots for manga and have completely lost track what has been there. Tokyo Babylon and Silver Diamond are permanent fixtures. Hakkenden long hiatus put it on the sidelines, but now it's back for another round..

Some swapped favorites:
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Private Entry
January 19th, 2010
So many covers, so little profile space. Part 2 of my profile clutter.

Past "featured" works – Part 2:
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December 29th, 2009
My profile was kinda cluttered, but people seem to enjoy them, so I migrated a batch of my covers to this blog entry.

Past "featured" works – Part 1:

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June 28th, 2009
The online bookstore JPQueen suddenly closed their doors. Their stock had been lagging for a few weeks, but they still fetched a few requests on my behalf in the meantime. I've been doing business with them for years (at least 7?) and have paid them thousands of dollars for their goods (many many goods), so they were a great resource for me. I'm sad to see them go. :/ That was a great place to find older, out of print, used manga, particularly BL works.
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May 26th, 2009
While trying to fill holes in my old Racish/Ichisuki manga collection, I amassed quite the number of books that all came in the mail today. The books themselves were cheap (not all the extra fees though!). How much it cost to ship these is not up for discussion. >.> I had a good reason/occasion to spend the money, I assure you (and myself <.<).

One set came with incredibly cute Hakkenden tape! I want a friend that is a fan of Hakkenden!! ;_;

What's in here? Be afraid of the massive list. Most aren't in the database. orz
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I got the rather rare Tousuisha Super Works Collection 8 Sugiura Shiho #2 in the mail today. For some reason her first one is common, but the second is very hard to find. It's a collection of 10 prints featuring art from Koori no Mamono no Monogatari. They are VERY beautiful so I snapped a few quick pics. I'll be framing some of these eventually. 10 largish pics under the spoiler.

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May 2nd, 2009
I've written a couple of things for MAL Rewrite. I basically like to come to the rescue of my favorite series that are plagued with an awful synopsis. I seem to more busy writing things for unknown manga that no one will ever read (orz).

Silver Diamond

Next victims? Some ideas.. basically stuff I rated very high.
Matsuri Special
Maybe Hakkenden
Maybe Gakuen Heaven Calling You
Maybe Golden Days
Maybe Umi no Kishidan
Maybe The Tyrant Falls In Love
Maybe Bukiyouna Silent
Maybe Boku to Kanojo no XXX
Maybe Kimi ga Koi ni Oboreru
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April 19th, 2009
I've been experimenting with some new descriptive tags. I'm adding them as I go along, so not all relevant ones are labeled yet. Here's some of the less obvious tags on my manga list:

beefy: Where's the beef? Not at Wendy's, but right here. The muscled men of BL (and the newish bara style that is close as well).

crap: An all-around bad piece of work. Meh. I'm basically giving it the finger.

doctor: Features at least one doctor in a relationship. Eh, docs are hot. Might include a PhD research scientist or two if relevant to the plot. HEY, we're docs too! Damn medical doctors hogging our title to themselves.. /grumble

family: Features a romantic relationship that must overcome family ties first. The majority don't actually directly deal with incest, but step-siblings, step-father, etc.

game: This work is a game to manga adaptation.

hot!: Is it warm in here?

hot_guys: AKA boycandy. A major purpose of this work is to showcase hot guys and their antics/actions.

nice_art: I read a lot of manga with pleasing art, so the tagged ones are stand-out favorites among these for various reasons/styles.

no_idiots_here: A female lead that is not an idiot. ;_; <--- tears of joy. Reserved only for not mentally or emotionally stunted female characters of shoujo manga that show some independence, as shoujo male leads tend to be okay (since stupid is not attractive).

ouch_my_heart: *blubber*

oyaji: The reason I'm going to start stalking random old men on the street. <3

power: There is some discrepancy in power or social standing (servants, bodyguards, prisoners, slaves, nobles, etc) that often results in separation, rifts, or power struggles.

protector: Someone got your back? That's nice. Will they destroy anything that threatens you? Even better.

ptb: "Plan to buy." Personal reminder to buy the hardcopy.

reverse_harem: A girl surrounded by many guys of varied types/personalities. Not all have to be romantically interested in her.

sweet: This work has an "awww" moment or two.

teacher: These feature a student/teacher relationship.

wanna_be_chick: AKA chick with prick. One of those pitfalls in the BL genre when one of the "guys" definitely seems like a girl with a penis and no boobs that fell out of a poorly written shoujo manga where she was annoying as hell the first time. Not feminine, but a character seemingly swapped from a poorly written shoujo manga. Changing it back would barely change the work's tone or quality, if at all. Consider it a warning.

yakuza: Major characters are members of organized crime. Tends to be the cute, fluffy yakuza found in shoujo or BL. You know--a little rough around the edges but apparently looking for love and not a kneecap to bust. Could use some more kneecap busters..

younger: A noticeably younger person is the pursuer in a romantic relationship. A couple involve magic that makes a character younger.
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