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October 27th, 2010
"You should weep when you head toward the final episode, I think." ~Sebastian Michaelis

My thoughts about the ending of Kuroshitsuji Anime:

"CIELOIS- is composed of two souls inhabiting one body." So Sebby-kun, How does it taste???

Usually, the complete season of an anime consist of at least 24 episodes. That's why I'm not satisfied with 12 episodes?!? In summary, the letters delivered by Sebastian showed that Ciel Phantomhive, which they knew all along died at the age of 13. Ciel reborn as a demon, truly left everyone in sadness and in pain with the fact that I was one of them. Except for Lady Elizabeth Middleford, Ciel smiled for the last time and made her fiancée really happy. Alois Trancy made the contract that way, that when Ciel died he would be reborn as a demon. ~That explains everything! Seriously, he made me cry maybe because of anger in someway... or I just felt pity over Sebastian. "In the end he never smiled."

If there's an upcoming Season 3, (as rumor goes)... I never think that Ciel as a demon will form a contract to anyone in order to eat souls like the way Sebastian did before. He'd rather be named as "King of Demons" while his chess piece, (his Knight) - Sebastian; will be a slave and serve Ciel Phantomhive eternally through the depths of the abyss. It was like a curse bestowed upon him which is really unfair. Most likely, it became a perfect setting if there's a continuation of forming revenge and vengeance. But for what sake? :(

"Demon vs. Demon... Well, it seems that Ciel won instead of Sebastian." That was terrible and I'm quite disappointed. :(

I'm not weeping for Ciel's death... My comment in three words: "THAT WAS UNFAIR!" I mean he raised Ciel in exchange for his long awaited soul... and now, he won't be able to grant his reward even if Ciel's revenge has been already fulfilled!!!

I want a longer episode!!! Yes, there's a 13th episode because of the upcoming O.V.A. and I'll be looking forward for that. I'm definitely going to miss all of the Kuroshitsuji characters!!! It's like "the end of my obsession." That title would be nice! It suits me! LOL. Ahh, Sebastian-kun... WE WANT SEASON 3 EVEN IF IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! I'LL WRITE A PETITION AND SURVEY VIA POLL ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB!!!!! LET'S ALL HAIL KUROSHITSUJI!!!
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